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Lindy's Poem            October 1995

This poem was written by Jeff's daughter Lindy about the O.J. Simpson trial, and may be of interest to "Commentaries" readers.

The Verdict - October 3, 1995

Score one for the Prince of Darkness!
All hail to the grim lord below!
The forces of evil have triumphed
And laugh at their helpless foe.
Blind justice lies trampled and bleeding.
Her blindfold is ripped from her eyes.
She gazes in horror and sadness
Where truth in the gutter now lies.
"I'm sorry." she says, "Please forgive me.
I've tried to remain firm and strong.
But where money is greater than morals
I can't remain standing for long.
Just law operates within standards -
An ethical code you must share.
Without it you have no foundation.
The fabric of justice will tear.
The lawyers and judges and juries
Indulge in a vast complex game
Where cleverness wins over honor
And trickery obfuscates shame.
Your altars are all economic.
You've lost sight of what's right and what's wrong.
Your civilization is crumbling.
Your leaders sell souls for a song.
It may be too late to return to
A system where justice prevails.
But failing to try would be sinful
With all that great failure entails.
You must take control of your courtrooms,
Your chambers where new laws are made,
Your classrooms and churches and townhalls,
And your media - don't be afraid!
You must speak out strongly, forthrightly
For justice and honor and good.
Vote it and speak it and write it
And start with your own neighborhood."
Blind justice regains her feet slowly
To stand with her scales at the head
Of a growing and strong congregation
Which has heard her and listened with dread.
We must re-weave the fabric of justice
And agree upon standards so high
That our children inherit a country
Where integrity beats out a lie.
Where the good that is in us can flourish.
The the best ones among us can fly.
Where the symbol of justice keeps shining
As bright as the sun in the sky!

Lindy Cooper Wisdom
October, 1995

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